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Carl Loewe Music Festival in Unkel 2017

23.06.2017 - 30.06.2017

Unkel - Germany

Every year in June the association of history in Unkel organizes the Carl Loewe Music Festival since...

Adams Flute Factor


Ittervoort, The Netherlands - Germany

Adams Flute Factor is an accessible open stage for all flautists between 8 and 16 years. Even if you...

"Klarinettentage": Clarinet festival at the BDB-Musicacademy

12.05.2017 - 14.05.2017

Staufen - Germany

Mobile, versatile and unmistakable: the clarinet forms the character in an orchestra and plays many...

New Profiles



CALLIAS FOUNDATION is an independent think-and-do tank in Berlin. We are an international team of... more

Musikwoche Hitzacker


The Musikwoche Hitzacker is a 10-day festival of classical music, which takes place every year in... more

Josquin - Das Finale


Since 2004 Leipzig sees the world first complete performance of all works by renaissance composer... more

Benjamin Dreßler


Benjamin Dreßler played in his childhood cello, received his first viola da gamba lessons with... more