Music connects People. Music connects Europe.

As an interactive internet platform the European Musical Exchange Platform informs about the manifold music life in Europe and wants to animate music lovers of every age and genre to take part in a cultural exchange across borders. It focuses on the dialogue between the partner countries in order to awaken the interest in varying cultural scenes, point out musical similarities and initiate collaborations of different musical styles.

The Musical Exchange Platform offers numerous opportunities for organizers, musicians and cultural institutions to present themselves, to network with each other and to announce their activities. Everyone who is interested can register under Join in to create a profile, publicize events or look out for cooperation projects. More...

The European Musical Exchange Platform aims at providing a platform especially for non-profit music life in Europe. In addition – if you would like to have more information about festivals or promotional activities and institutions for musicians in Germany – please visit the German Music Information Centre (MIZ).


Motto 2014

Calender of Events: New Entries

Concert- Hervé, Kreidler, Feldman, Boulez, Bornhöft
Salzburg - Austria

International Instrumental Competition Markneukirchen 2014 - Violin & Double Bass
07.05.2015 - 16.05.2015
Markneukirchen - Germany

Musical summer courses
29.03.2015 - 15.08.2015
Wildhaus, Schweiz - Switzerland

New Profiles

Heidelberger Frühling - International Music Festival Heidelberg
Erster Kölner Barbershop Chor - First Barbershop Choir Cologne
JugendKammerOrchester VIOLINISSIMO - Youth Chamber Orchestra VIOLINISSIMO


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